Monday, June 19, 2006

Nux version 1.6 released

Another release, and this one very important, is that of Nux XML processing toolkit: version 1.6 was just released. For those not familiar with Nux, it is a collection of useful helper functionality and extensions that make XML processing (and some related content management things like search indexing) more convenient, powerful or easier, or oftentimes, "all of above". Some notable features are:

  • Extended XQuery/XPath support (with Saxon)
  • XOM extensions, including efficient builders and serializers
  • VERY fast Binary XML implementation, BNux (about 2x as fast as Sun's Fast Infoset -- and thereby almost 3x as fast as Woodstox); possibly the fastest way to transform XML Infoset content in Java.
  • Full-text search extensions based on Lucene; especially for cases where individual documents can be stored fully in memory, but need to be searched using powerful search queries.
  • Extensive performance test suite that allows for comparing various XML processor (parsing, serialization) implementations; from binary variants to traditional text-based ones (DOM, SAX, StAX).

Personally I am very impressed by the binary infoset implementation, as well as the overall quality of the package. It is one of those packages I wish more developers were aware of.

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