Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Woodstox 3.0.1 released

It is only couple of weeks since the 3.0 release, but due to high adoption rate (news at ServerSide quadrupled traffic at woodstox.codehaus.org!), bug reports started arriving soon after the release. The biggest contributing factor seems to be the fact that newcomers tend to use wider range of functionality, and thus find problems along the unbeaten path... At any rate, a few important bug fixes have been done since the initial release, so it seemed like a good idea to release the minor update, to make sure all fixes are available in 'binary' form.

For specific fixes, please refer to the release notes. Most of the problems fixed were not commonly encountered; so if you have not had any problems so far, it is not a required update. However, chances of regression bugs should also be minor due to limited scope of changes.

The next short-term goal will be 3.1 minor release: the exact feature set is still open, but here are some planned improvements:

  • Improve reporting of SPACE events in non-validating DTD-aware mode (currently only reported in validating mode)
  • Remove some of asynchronous ("lazy") exceptions, so that regular XMLStreamExceptions can be thrown from next(), instead of unchecked exceptions from methods like XMLStreamReader.getText()
  • Simple heuristic indentation (already implemented for StaxMate, maybe possible to add easily to XMLStreamWriter itself)
  • Xml:id implementation?

Other feature requests will also be considered if suggested: one place to check out things that are on Woodstox team's radar is Jira. It is also the best place to suggest new features and improvements (along with the mailing lists)

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