Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Efficient XML processing with ColdFusion, Woodstox, XOM

Here's yet another interesting article regarding applications of Woodstox: XML StAX Processing with ColdFusion. It's not exactly new, but I just now found it. I remember original work by Jim Collins, when he was integrating Stax implementation with Cold Fusion. It sounded like it could be useful for situations where resource usage matters, such as when dealing with sizable (multiple megabyte) xml documents. Alas, it sounds like this wasn't fully finished, or at least not fully published.

Using XOM (and Nux library as the glue in-between) may also make sense, although it may remove many benefits of streaming processing. However, given the high-quality xml processing API XOM offers, as well as its customizability -- for example, it is quite easy to make it only build sub-trees of the source document, not the whole document -- this should be a nice addition to a CF developer's toolbox.

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