Thursday, April 24, 2008

Progress of Servlet 3.0 specs, pluggability

I have not really been following progress towards Servlet 3.0 specs (beyond observing some discussion regarding "asynchronous"/non-blocking servlets). But this blog entry by Greg the Jetty Author (a very smart and talented individual, and thankfully, a leader within Open Source Java community) caught my eye. It is good to know that there will be more pluggability -- monolithic nature of web.xml has actually been one of my pet peeves lately. But perhaps the most interesting "new" thing was the reference to things that already exist within Servlet 2.5 specs. I guess this should teach me to pay closer attention to new developments... while 2.5 annotations seem limited, they are existing extension points nonetheless.

Anyway, who'd have thunk: after years of trusty service by mostly basic vanilla Servlet API specification there seems to be actual useful improvements to be had from the latest revision.

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