Friday, July 11, 2008

Minor update for StaxMate in making: 1.2 with Sjsxp compatibility

It will be a while until StaxMate 2.0 is done, mostly since I have decided that it should offer full support for the new (and still work-in-progress...) Typed Access API. Since this beast will be included in Woodstox 4.0 (as part of Stax2 Extension API, curiously versioned at 3.0), it will be a while until all pieces are in place.

But in the meantime there are smaller (but tasty) fish to fry. For example, while it has been implied that StaxMate ought to work with any old Stax implementation, it really has only been tested on Woodstox. Of other implementations, there is just one that actually matters, Sun Streaming Java Xml Parser (Sjsxp), which is bundled with JDK 6 (and 7, I assume). After some testing, turns out that StaxMate 1.1 almost works with Sjsxp. But not quite. 2 particular fixes were needed to get all unit tests to pass. Given that this was relatively easy to do, and that results are useful (one can test StaxMate using, say, Sjsxp, and upgrade to Woodstox as necessary), I think this might just be the main new thing for StaxMate 1.2 maintenance release; and if other low-hanging fruit are found, there's always possibility of cutting 1.3.

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