Friday, July 11, 2008

"Me Too Moment" -> "Build tool choices should not be transitive" (by Steve L)

I usually try to avoid wasting others time by "+1" and "me too" posts. But here's something I feel strongly about: I really really agree in that "Build tool choices should not be transitive". Same can be said about many related issues (should your library dictate logging system choice?), but it's most urgently problematic with build systems. It is also related to "Principle of Concervatism for Foundational Libraries", that is, trying to be cautious about baseline JDK requirements imposed by low-level libraries ("why does JDOM not just require JDK 1.7-pre-alpha so we could use this thingamagic that looks reeeally cool?!?"), to allow applications choose their own upgrade cycles.

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