Monday, August 04, 2008

"Kooderin Pienet Ilot" (or: Big Joy for a Small Fry)

Ok.I must admit that while this is an extremely tiny step for the humankind, I feel disproportionate pride for it: turns out that I made my first mark on JDK (version 1.6.0_07)! (for comparison, my 4 year tenure at Sun did not lead to a single dent in JDK) This was achieved by reporting bug 6620632 (originally Sjsxp bug #48), proposing a patch, and by some stroke of luck having someone see it fit to include it in a patch-level update. So what is the bug about? DTD events for Sun's Stax parser do not include notation or entity information, even though it is readily available -- caught by StaxTest test suite I have written, and ran against Sjsxp.

Yay! Hey, where's my resume again, I gotta add a reference... maybe right above notes about my college degree and below summary of my work experience... :-)

I need to get a life. And soon!

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