Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Yet Another Update: Woodstox 3.2.7

Ok, it is time for the quarterly update (it is almost exactly 3 months since 3.2.6 was released), and now Woodstox 3.2.7 is out.

As usual, no new features were added, but half a dozen fixes were applied so that:

  • DOM-support (stax readers/writers that operate on DOM trees and segments) is finally robust, and specifically should work better with JAXB
  • 2 surprising bugs in parser core (one in implementation of XMLStreamReader.isWhiteSpace(), the other in index checks for XMLStreamReader.getAttributeXxx() methods) were encountered and fixed.
  • A problem with Stax2ReaderAdapter.getDepth() was fixed (which affected StaxMate that uses this particular class)

I was also hoping to include preliminary OSGi support, but that was not to be. Maybe it will be in 3.2.8. :-)

... and now I am off to hacking StaxMate, again, and then need to complete Woodstox 4.0. But Jackson wish list has also been expanding rapidly. Well, something else will be released relatively shortly, anyway, and you will learn about it here. Stay tuned & be safe out there.

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