Monday, September 08, 2008

Action, Jackson: 0.9.3 update released

As per "release early, release often", a new patch release of Jackson came to being a few days ago.

So what's noteworthy?

  • This is the first version to be published to Codehaus Maven (I was planning to only release official 1.0, but since this was requested it made sense to do earlier)
  • A few convenience methods were added (JsonParser.skipChildren(), JsonNode.iterator() to implement Iterable)
  • Handling of numbers had minor problems in cases where different accessors were called; accuracy could be lost.
  • A few problems (some of which were due to recent refactoring to use even higher-performance UTF-8 decoders) were fixed

Additionally, I started keeping track of new ideas for additions, features, at Codehaus Jackson Jira. This should also give a sneak peek of things to come in near future, as well as obviously track progress regarding in-progress features and fixes.

The next thing I really want to do for Jackson would be something like XStream's "2 minute tutorial". I suspect most users would want to start with "Java type mapper" (esp. since many other JSON packages only provide such abstractions), so I will probably start by descibring that appoach. Other suggestions are welcome too (preferably via Jackson user list).

... and then I will be off to finish (?) Woodstox 4.0 Typed Access API.

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