Sunday, January 11, 2009

Viva Tequila! Woodstox 4.0.0 released

By now this is bit of yesterday's news, but better late than never: Woodstox version 4.0.0, known as "Tequila", was released first thing this year (January first). Check out Download page for artifacts (Woodstox is now composed of 2 mandatory jars, see below; and optional ones for RelaxNG/XML Schema validation support), and release notes for details of what's new.

For very high-level overview here are the things I consider these the highlights compared to 3.2:

  • Typed Access API: read and write native data conveniently and efficiently. Types supported is a subset of standard XML Schema datatypes including primitives (numbers like ints, booleans, qualified xml names), arrays (of numbers) and binary (base64). I think the last may be the most important one, since it finally allows efficient, reliable and convenient transfer of inline binary data within xml. I hope to benchmark benefits in near future.
  • XML Schema Validation: in addition to existing DTD and RelaxNG validation, one can now validate content (using the same Stax2 Validation API), both when reading and writing xml. Implementation uses Sun Multi-Schema Validator as the underlying validation engine.
  • Improvement interoperability:
    • Improvement support for reading/writing DOM documents, elements: namespace-repairing mode implemented for writing. And Typed Access API works completely too (if not as efficiently as with Stax API)
    • OSGi: Woodstox jars (and included MSV jars too) are OSGi bundles
    • Maven: better structuring of jars (now Woodstox core is one jar, Stax2 API a separate and required jar)

As always: Download Responsibly! (simple rule of thumb: a Tequila Sunrise, sweet -- Tequila Sunset, one too many!)

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