Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tatu (better known as Che Guevara)

Ok, this may be news to some of you. To be honest, it was bit of news to me too. But it must be true, I found it from Wikipedia!

Apparently "Tatu" was the codename of mr Che Guevara during his stint in Congo, before embarking on the faithful mission in south America. Wow. I had no idea that he was a fan of mine! It is somewhat less surprising that my namesake is a world-renowned "Kinbaku performer".

And yes, oh yes, there is also a Russian pop band that took my name too (why couldn't they just name themselves like, I don't know, "Pop tarts" or something? -- ba-da-boom, thank you thank you, I'll be here the whole week! Tip the cows or something!).

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