Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What, me Fast?

Ok, let's have a look at one "Linux and Java run circles around .Net" phenomenon sighting:

Looks like combination of Linux, Mina (or Grizzly), JibX, and our favorite "new kid on the block" lighting fast xml parser, Aalto can haul some serious xml data.

It would of course be nice to know how much of this throughput can be attributed to Aalto. My bet is, "quite a lot", but I might not be quite objective enough here. At any rate, cool results, I hope these can be verified by others!

This is actually second sighting of Aalto being used for something; the first one was also a benchmark. Not quite production use yet (and I wouldn't quite recommend production use quite yet, not before 1.0 release), but some serious evaluation at least.

ps. while Aalto may be faster, Woodstox is still the King of Open Source Java Xml parsing, and can also pack a punch when there's Need for Speed.

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