Sunday, February 22, 2009

Inter-generational delights: the Mom Song

Most people live their lives sandwiched between two groups of very dear and immensely frustrating individuals: ingrateful brats known as offsprings, and praise-needy all-knowing old farts known as parents. It would sometimes be nice to just connect the two, and avoid being the middle-man for a while. They could then discuss all our flaws, without us being involved. No wonder grandparents and their grandchildren often get along pretty nicely.

But sometimes star align in surprisingly pleasant ways, and there are these inter-generational bright spots in life. One such thing is the by-now passe (I assume -- I always learn these things very late, so I can assume it has passed by a while ago; apparently almost exactly 1 year ago now) "Mom Song". Here's a decent version (as in sung by a professional, using original lyrics) link to which I was sent by my mom. Hilarious, and painfully true. As an added bonus, I did learn a few useful phrases to use with my kids too (or in some cases idiomatic translations of phrases I was familiar with, but not in english -- my favorite must be "were you born in a barn, would you like some hay").

Anyhow, that link made my day, as well as that of my children. They like it too. But probably at bit different level. They will get the deeply painful (and yet more satisfactory) meaning in a few if and when they multiply.

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