Saturday, April 11, 2009

On Versioning (RESTish) Web Service APIs

One perennial thing that crops up like crocuses around March, is the question of the Right Ways To Version RESTish Web Services.
There are multiple good, unbounded number of bad, and plenty of ugly ways too. But the Good ones are mostly just pragmatic guidelines; there is no science behind most of it. Some bad ones are polished, but the real snake oil comes with the ugly ones. But I digress. Since good ones tend to be somewhat boring, there's bit less discussion on those.

So it is great to find that there are others whose those align nicely with yours, especially ones that document their thinking. It not only lends credence to your ideas, but makes it easier to express them in form of "have a look at here", sort of as baseline for discussion. In this case there's this in-process document called "Versioning HTTP APIs" that quite nicely serves this purpose.

Anyway: I thought the article is worth reading; and I agree with at least 90+% rate. Which is pretty good, about the rate of agreement with my own writings after a year or so. :-)

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