Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Faster, XML, Faster!

It appears that FasterXML -- the commercial support organization behind Jackson, Woodstox, StaxMate and Aalto) is debuting on Seattle Startup Scene: according to this survey, it is close to breaking into hotly contested Northwest Startups Top-300 list. :-)
In fact, one of our fellow up-and-comers, MarketOutsider (hi Bryce!) is within our sight with ranking north of 300 limit.

One of important next steps will be figuring out exact details of licensing for Aalto -- it is something that actually has lots of potential, even if it is bit of a uncut diamond right now. Its asynchronous (non-blocking) parsing specifically should be very useful for high-concurrency (thousands of concurrent connections) use cases. And being 2x as fast as Woodstox (essentially, as fast as fast C XML parsers!) is nice as well. Shaving off CPU cycles pays off if you pay by cycle (think EC2).

And beyond that, it would be good to get to build some of actual new products, from Hadoop-on-S3 processing systems to plug-n-play database front-end web services. And of course all the momentum Jackson has: maybe it'll work nicely with GWT in near future.
But more on these things when plans inch forward.

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