Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jackson and JAX-RS: now with RestEASY too (with its 1.1 release)

Ok, this following announcement (for RESTEasy 1.1 release) caught my eye. Looks like JBoss is another corporate user of Jackson. Release notes do not give detailed information (nor related Jira entry), so I am not 100% sure what the level of integration is, but it sounds good at any rate. Even if just as a sanity check to verify that Jackson's JAX-RS json provider implementation works on multiple JAX-RS implementations. Which is good.

This should be one of those win-win situations: besides RESTeasy users having a way to avoid Franken-JSON, Jackson users may benefit from additional insights extended user community and visibility can provide. I see this as another sign pointing to Jackson becoming something of a "Woodstox of JAX-RS world" (as Woodstox is the de facto xml parser used by Soap 2 stacks, i.e. JAX-WS).

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