Friday, June 26, 2009

Finally, after 3 years and 160 blog entries...

I collected enough clicks for the Big G, (and specifically their omni-present AdSense program), to get actual payment scheduled! These are 100$ (minimum amount program pays out) won by aspiration, inspiration and perspiration, and bit of persistence and perseverence as well. But maybe next time I should just blog about something like, asbesto law suits or mesothelioma. :-)

Anyway: money is still not in the bank (hence, scheduled), but I trust to find a hundred bucks minus taxes, on my low-interest-bearing checking account, in very near future. And in the meantime, my AdSense account now displays two new links too (stats since last payment!)

ps. Just to make sure this is not interpreted the wrong way by my colleagues -- no, this new-found wealth was in no way contributing to my recent career decisions. :-D

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