Monday, June 29, 2009

So Long Marchex

(and thanks for all the pfish?)

Last week marked the end of another chapter in my career. Although that story is not a Tom Clancy style novel by any means, the cast so far have been pretty colorful. And while I am bit sad to go, there are times when you realize fairly soon that it is time to move on. This was one of those times.

Regarding my stay; my biggest regret is not so much that my stint was a short one (it fell short of 1 year minimum I had mentally prepared for), but that I didn't stay there long enough to get the system I was working on completed and pushed to production. There is something to be said for getting a system together and churning some real data; no matter how ad-hoc the design and implementation might be, as long as in the end it works, and works reliably. But in this case I only managed to wrap up some components (significants chunks, but still just pieces) -- the rest is up to remaining Marchexians, who fortunately are competent and should be able to complete it. And with any luck, will feel at least a pinch of pride for the release.

But wait: there are more cliches to be served! For example: I should note that for every end, there's a new beginning. Like this one has. As it happens, I am now starting my new (or, shall we say, old... more on that later on) job. With all the usual high hopes. :-)

... which, as they say, is another story altogether. So more on that later on.

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