Thursday, July 16, 2009

Better Coffee, Better Work (results?)

Well, although this article ("Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Better Coffee") does NOT claim above, I do. So now I'm off to find a cheap coffee press to improve my code, I mean, coffee, quality! :-)
Interesting reading, and readily applicable. Sweet.

... and if (read: when) it works, what you will see is a significant incremental revenue for a well-known general merchandise on-line retailer.
Feel free to buy more of AMZN shares based on this tip & thank me later when you have earned a fortune due to rocket-like run on share price after said revenue increase. It's a good investment at any rate, and planned to pay for my next year home renovation project (unless I can somehow convince my dear readers to be more inquisitive regarding commercial interludes you see on the right-hand side -- in which case it'll be another big-name online company that'll pay for it!).

(Q: should I maybe cut back on coffee consumption, before writing blog entries? You be the judge...)

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