Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Users of Jackson, Unite!

I know this is something that users of Jackson JSON library must have been craving for longest time: their Very Own Social Network (no? you'd rather have handling of cyclic types? d'oh!)
Wait no longer: enter Place for developers who know the Right Tool for slicing and dicing JSON on Java platform (or possible, any platform).

So what's the point? Besides my own curiosity (and, shall we say, desire to "eat your own dog food"; check out author's profile for more info) -- which was a big factor -- I thought it might be one more way to get more of community feel. Mailing lists are good, blogs and wikis too, but a gathering place with bit of all of them might be even better.
We shall see how it all works out -- and thanks to lower threshold for participating (since it's easier to give access, let members edit and add things), you can be important part of making it Work Right.

See you there: I'll try sending a nice Virtual Gift for member number 100... :-)

ps. What about blogs over there, and here? My current thinking is that "Jackson Users blog" will focus strongly on Jackson (JSON, data binding, frameworks that use it) issues; whereas CowTown blog will have wider coverage. So it should be more of specialization versus general interest.

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