Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tatu's new Semi-Professional Home Page

(note: semi-professional refers to contents and NOT to construction of page itself -- page can be considered totally amateurish in its design and implementation -- but things contained are related to my Professional development, including its career-development aspects)

Ok here is something old recycled as something new: behold, Tatu's Semi-Professional home page at FasterXML wiki.

The idea is to combine information on state of public projects I work on and public material I would like to share with others, in a somewhat compact and less transient form. Blogs are good for publishing some information; but over time things tend to bury under other things. Plus, form of articles, as well as regular Wiki pages, are more for slightly deeper content. I needed a simple link collection, like book index. So that's what this aims to be, personal-but-public index. Like what home pages used to be, sort of... and hey, you can probably spot the Vintage 90s sign of "Work in Progress" attitude to writing and updating the thing. Who'd have thank that 90s became retro so fast.

Anyway: although reading through the page should be challenge to anyone who can read my blog entries, here's yet more condensed take on contents; index of the index (IoI?). What we got is:

  • Summary of (open source) projects I am closely involved with; along with near-term plan
  • List of lists, "Best of"; things I think others might be interested in

And that's it for now. Will refactor as needed (I'm sure I'll have to reinvent multi-level indexing structure soon); add things that seem worth adding.

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