Monday, June 28, 2010

Async HTTP Client 1.0 released

Ok, this announcement went out last week, but it is important to re-iterate: version 1.0 of Ning async HTTP Client is now out!

This is good news for multiple reasons: obviously ability to do asynchronous (read: non-blocking, i.e. no need to use one thread for each and every open connection) HTTP communication is valuable in itself. But I also hope that this spurs some friendly competition in improving all HTTP-based communication on Java platform -- there are still features that are not implemented, and due to complexity of efficient connection handling, there should be still room for improvement with performance as well. And finally this should lead to wider adoption of this relatively new library, so that it gets properly battle-tested and proven.

I am actually planning on using this client for cases where regular blocking client could work, to see how well it performs and exactly how easy it is to use non-blocking API, compared to existing blocking alternatives.

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