Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Experiments in advertising, here goes nothing (aka Welcome, AdBrite!)

Ok let's talk about something that is quite visible to you dear readers, but something that you have probably managed to ignore automatically. Yes, I am taking about those commercial decorations on margin of these pages. But please, don't change the channel quite yet. :-)

1. Advertising Changes... yay!

So what's up there? After being a very small AdSense publisher for few years, I figured that I might well retire before ever seeing another check for ads displayed on this blog; so it might be time to explore options: if not to get higher yields then at least maybe get more interesting ads. I also generally root for underdogs, and at this point Google is the ultimate uber-dog if there ever was one. So why not partner up with some other advertising puppies.

Given these loose goals about the only criteria for finding a replacement would be that it is not Google. And, well, ideally it should not be Apple, and preferably not Microsoft. But latter two are negotiable constraints (in fact, I am tempted to check out M$'s PubCenter; if for nothing else due to its catchy name!).

2. So... ?

But enough background discussion: in the end, I decided to change my ad provider from the big G to an unknown-before-about-a-week-ago company called AdBrite. Mostly because they topped this Handy List of Google Adsense Alternatives. And finally, as of today, I bothered to change blog templates for the change to take effect.

3. Can hardly contain my excitement <yawn>

At this point I am curious to see to what kind of ads they might be pushing to my blog. I sort of wish it was something that lots of people found totally repugnant yet completely fascinating... but chances for that are probably low. We'll see -- maybe I need to cycle through variety of ad sales networks before choosing my poison.

4. Commercial Proposal by Author

By the way, if anyone actually wants to actually advertise here -- buy a section for month-by-month advertising, selling something that actually relates to something I have written about -- let me know. I am open to bids and can show google analytics statistics for pricing, so you have a fair idea of what you'd get.
The only limit I will put is that monthly ad space rental fee has to be non-zero positive number in full US dollars. :-)
(you can consider it as the auction starting price)

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