Aalto XML Processor Project

This is the old home page for Aalto XML Processor -- new one can be found at FasterXML Aalto. Direction of the project itself is discussed at Yahoo Group, and the project page is created to host (dedicated server ?) intermediate artifacts (jars, javadoc bundles) available.


  • 11-Feb-2011: Release 0.9.7: Finally the complete non-blocking (async) parser interface!
  • 11-Oct-2010: Release 0.9.6: Build refactoring: Maven, jar is OSGi bundle
  • 01-Sep-2010: Big changes happening; sources moving to Github, licensing simplified to use Apache License 2.0. And eventually this page will be closed as FasterXML has the new home.
  • 20-Mar-2009: Release 0.9.5: Minor change; the only visible thing is that classes are now under com.fasterxml.aalto package.
  • 04-Feb-2009: Release 0.9.4: Complete Stax 1.0 (API, feature set) implementation: now includes coalescing mode and namespace-repairing stream writers!
  • Licensing clarified as GPL or for-fee commercial license (see 'Licensing' section for more.
  • 21-Jan-2009: Release 0.9.3: complete Typed Access API (with official stax2-api-3.0.0 jar), bug fixes. Licensing clarified as GPL or for-fee commercial license (contact "prb@fasterxml.com" for details on latter!)
  • 13-Mar-2008: Release 0.9.2: bug fixes, implemented Stax 2 (v3.0) Typed Access API (at level comparable to Woodstox 3.9.2)
  • 13-Mar-2008: Release 0.9.1: minor fixes, improvements, non-blocking (async) parser getting more complete.
  • 21-Feb-2008: Fixed a small but important typo in Usage section below -- property names were wrong (thanks Lowell!)
  • 05-Feb-2008: Hacked together this home page, including downloadable implementation jar.


Aalto XML processor is a next-generation Stax XML processor implementation. It is not directly related to other existing mature implementations (such as Woodstox or Sun Java Streaming Xml Parser), although it did come about as a prototype for evaluating implementation strategies that differ from those traditionally used for Java-based parsers.

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