Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sisu Principle: Simple, Sensible, Useful

For a while I have tried to think of a concise but general definition of kinds of tools I like. Being a pragmatic person, I like things that "just work", the highest accolade any software library or application can get. I also eschew unnecessary complexity -- complexity is enemy of robustness; and while it is always possible to easily add more complexity, it is generally very hard to remove added complexity. And finally, the thing has to be useful to be of practical interest.

And then it occured to me: condensed to essentials, these are the 3 main properties that I like:

  • Simple ("as simple as possible, but not simpler")
  • Sensible (or, Smart)
  • Useful

Taken together, it leads to acronym SISU (or, SiSU), which also happens to be a useful term in Finnish language (roughly translating to "have guts", the trait of a person who never gives up).

So let's hear it for "Sisu Principle": best tools are Simple, Sensible and Useful. They got Sisu, and form the backbone of good software systems. They are also things that can carry overhead of other of kinds of sisu-less components.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Performance of XML data binding on Java Platform

One of possible future projects on my sizable mental list has been that of comparing performance of open source xml/POJO data binding toolkits. For some reason there are not many actual up-to-date good benchmarks out there. In fact, I can not name even one (for example, BindMark project which might do the trick seems to be dead, and test code I looked at looks.... well, rotten...). My own limited testing has led me to suspect that the fastest current choice might well be JAXB 2 (it seems to have very low overhead over basic Stax parsing), but it would be nice to prove that. Besides, it would be good to check out how JiBX would fare: it is supposed to be highly performant as well.

But today I found this article. Very cool, there are actually people doing serious benchmarking too, and in the very area I would be interested in testing. It also does further support my thinking about limited overhead of not only JAXB 2, but the cool StaxMate helper library.

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