Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another interesting(-looking) data store on Java platform: Krati?

Ok, looks like there is one more storage option I really should investigate, Krati. What seems appealing (at first glance) is the understanding that performance optimization on Java platform are quite distinct from those for systems written in C/C++ (or on Erlang and other distinct platforms). And especially trying to make good use of big discrepancy between performance of random access versus sequential access; given that latter can be an order of magnitude faster, it may well make sense to add more processing to be able to sequential writes even if higher-level abstraction was concurrent random-access.

Of course there are lots and lots of other choices: from stripped-down "traditional" storage (like using MySQL InnoDB, see for example g414-inno) to BDB variants, Tokyo Cabinet and Redis. And higher-level systems that use roll-your-own storage (like Cassandra does by default). And this is good, I think; for truly optimal performance one-solution-cant-fit-all -- different storage options are best fits for different system designs.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Promising new Java libs: BoneCP connection pool

Given somewhat sorry state of Java JDBC connection pools -- there are a few existing almost-mature and nearly-well-working connection pools, but with lackluster development and documentation (namely, DBCP and C3P0; Proxool might be bit better, hard to say) -- it is refreshing to see little bit of reinvention going on. First I learnt that some webapp container teams are writing their own simple connection pools (wish I had the link at hand -- was it Tomcat team?); as well as DB vendors (H2 bundles a decent a simple connection pool for example; maybe based on MiniConnectionPoolManager?). These may be more due to smell of code rot by alternatives than stand-alone developments.

But more interestingly there is BoneCP, which looks like it could actually become a full-feature mature and well-supported JDBC connection pool that actually "just works". I have not yet used it extensively, but by the looks of mailing lists, and some glimpses at code, it does look promising. There's a chance it might end up in my "Java library pearls" list quickly once I do properly test it.

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