Friday, June 20, 2008

On Rock Star Coders: thanks Dan!

Getting compliments is always nice, and never more so when they come from someone who you respect professionally. As such, I was delighted to see this interview, which talks about various things, including performance of xml processing with web services. But more importantly, I was mentioned. :-D

It also reminded me of why I should write a short essay on "6 Java XML processing tools You Should Know About". Stay tuned.

ps. Dan, your 30 yr old Macallan bottle will be delivered shortly.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Woodstox 3.2.6 released: DOM writing, XMLReporter fixes

Yes, summer may be slow season in software business, but Woodstox patches keep on coming. This time there are 2 main issues that needed prompt patching:

  1. DOM-backed writer (one you get when constructing XMLStreamWriter using DOMResult) had a serious problem when trying to add namespace declarations ( WSTX-144)
  2. XMLReporter was not getting properly called for DTD-validation problems, but rather exception was directly generated ( WSTX-153).

These were the only changes, beyond adding regression unit tests to verify the fixes. Upgrade hence is only necessary if you use DOM-backed writers, or rely on XMLReporter. But then again, if you do either of those, you definitely want the update.

And now back to the regular programming, trying to get the "Typed Access API" (org.codehaus.stax2.typed.*) implemented in Woodstox. Stay tuned!

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