Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Third Time's the Charm -- Woodstox 3.0 released!

Lo and Behold, the day is here. Woodstox 3.0 is finally released! For minute details of what has changed since the last release candidate, you can check out the release notes. And at higher level, I already listed the high-level changes since 2.0. So what else is there to be said about this version?

The main thing is that 3.0 is now considered the stable release. It has been extensively tested, retested, regression tested, using not only StaxTest conformance test suite and Woodstox' own JUnit test suite, but also using the vast automated end-to-end processing test suite of Nux (with above 45000 sample documents). So the quality should be superior to that of 2.0 series, including all-around improved standards compliance (both in regards to XML in general, and Stax specifically).

So, if you have been using Stax 2.0.x up until now, it is a very good time to upgrade. It will be worth it.

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