Thursday, October 12, 2006

StaxMate - based UUID generator web service almost done...

But the article still needs to wait for my having enough time to wrap up odds and ends. However, the server side code is mostly done, and checked in Staxmate Subversion repository (see StaxMate home page for details) if anyone wants to have a sneak peak.

One other thing that I realized I need to do before documenting the sample web service is to make sure that the latest StaxMate release has all the pieces I use. To that end, I decided I should just release version 0.9.1 of StaxMate, and use that for the service, available from StaxMate download page. Changes to the API are minor, but the release does include one important fix to the way multiple input cursor are kept in sync -- big thanks to the developers who submitted the patch (you know who you are! and others can check out CREDITS file).

On a related note: one of the biggest things on my own wishlist for StaxMate is simple XPath capability: ability to get a cursor pointing to the first element of the resulting node set (or iterator to ordered set of cursors, one of which can be active at any given point), given an XPath expression using a "streaming subset" of XPath (basically anything referring to the current stack of elements). I am hoping to investigate Jaxen a bit more, to see if I could use it. I did have a look at Java 5 XPath support, but was disappointed since the approach taken means I can not make it work over StaxMate (only Sun can). It does, however, seem like Jaxen might be bit easier to repurpose. If anyone is interested in seeing such features, ping me with email (cowtowncoder at yahoo dot com).

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