Friday, December 07, 2007

StaxMate 1.1 released

Another quick (if not timely) release note: version 1.1 of StaxMate was released a week ago. This release contained some minor bug fixes and improvements, and most important changes (significant internal refactoring) should not have user visible effects. But it is an important intermediate release nonetheless, mostly because refactoring should make the cursor synchronization (handling of access via multiple cursors correctly independent of how accesses them) handling much more robust.

I have also been thinking quite a bit about possible XInclude support, since XInclude is a rather useful feature when one has to modularize xml configuration files. It basically replaces one of the last things for which DTDs are useful, that is, ability to refer to external parsed entities. There are some interesting challenges in trying to make things work transparently, however, especially since StaxMate would need to be able to instantiate additional XMLStreamReader instances during traversal of document that does XInclude inclusion.

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