Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Forgotten CowtownCoder Projects

While taking a walk down the memory lane last week (see Woodstox Pre-History), I remembered something that had slipped my mind for a while: there are projects that used to have home pages at CowtownCoder, but that basically got orphaned during ISP migration. The idea at the time must have been to focus mostly on active and relevant projects, like boring old xml parsers and such. Fortunately the old project home pages were obviously archived and well preserved, so I figured it would be nice to refurbish ones that have some significance to me: either by maybe being useful, or if not, providing some entertainment value.

Ok, so I will just copy over old home pages, source code packages and such? Well, more important than this, I will not only slightly clean up the pages (and, heh, add some useful decorations that you may notice on the right-hand side of the page -- keep in mind that they are interactive, too, you can like, click on them too, to see even more pertinent information!), but I will also produce a blog entry discussing each and every project. Think of it as preservaction of Geek History by documenting obscure projects that Tatu once worked on for whatever reason it was at the time. Damn I feel good to be such a dedicated preservationist! (is there such a word? now there is!)

So: you may see new links starting to pop up at the Hatchery page. And you should also start seeing short descriptions of the same projects, with some choice "Author's Commentary" entries on this very blog (you will have to wait a bit longer for your picture DVD containing the same: and please, do not hold your breath). Stay tuned!

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