Monday, February 23, 2009

Links Galore: Bayesian classification, Nifty new language features for Java

Here are some miscellaneous interesting links for Java.

1. Core Java

I have not paid close attention to the development of Java core language or JDK since, well, probably 1.1. It's nothing ideological, nothing against sneak peeks, but in general I can wait until things get fully baked. Most music I listen is still from late 60s and early 70s; I have scarcely seen a movie released less than 2 years ago (I'll just Netflix highly-rated interesting looking ones over time). You get the idea.

But I couldn't help but nice links to 2 interesting things happening right now:

  • Project coin seems like a set of nifty improvements to the core language. I like the idea of small-but-nice usability improvements -- they tend to be overlooked in favor of bigger, bolder and riskier undertakings (besides, these kinds of things often complement each other, why choose?)
  • Latest JDK 1.6 update seem to pack surprisingly sophisticated things: I am positively surprised by inclusion of the mythical "Garbage First" collector making it into a stable JDK

2. Simple IR libs

Something that seems immediately useful is a general purpose library for doing basic Bayesian classifications: and CI-Bayes (java version of python stuff from "Programming Collective Intelligence" book if I understood it right) seems to be just the thing. About the only concern I have is their use of Javolution (seems to be used for "fast" hash maps -- I have my doubts), but that's just my personal pet peeve.

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