Thursday, July 09, 2009

Wolf Power! (coolest Mockumercial for t-shirts ever)

Ok, here's yet another Internet Phenomenon I had so far missed: Three Wolf Moon t-shirt, #1 seller at Amazon Apparel store. Be sure to check out customer reviews -- they are AWESOME (almost as good as ones Tuscan Whole Milk, Wedding Chapel and Badonkadonk Tank; or ones that Brass Balls and Beluga Caviar used to have).

It is kind of cool that this T-shirt has gotten some majic (see its YouTube mockumercial!) by sheer luck. And its also amazing how useful such viral "marketing" can be (quotes since this had NOTHING to do with manufacturer itself); especially for smaller companies: get Internet-scale sales, even if you are a small player. As long as you get into this strange crowd-a-review cyclone. :-)

Now the main question is: how many should I order!

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