Thursday, October 01, 2009

Critical updates: Woodstox 4.0.6 released

This just in: Woodstox 4.0.6 was released, and it contains just one fix; but that one to a critical problem (text content truncation for long CDATA sections, when using XMLStreamReader.getElementText()). Upgrade is highly recommended for anyone using earlier 4.0 releases.

One more potentially useful addition is that I uploaded "relocation" Maven pom, for non-existing artifact "wstx-asl" v4.0.6 (the real id is "woostox-core-asl", as of 4.0; "wstx-asl" was used with 3.2 and previous). This was suggested by a user, to make upgrade bit less painful -- problem is that Woodstox tends to be one of those ubiquitous transitive dependencies to anyone running a Soap service (or nowadays almost any server-side XML processing system).

Next big thing should then be Jackson-1.3, stay tuned!

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