Monday, May 17, 2010

Finally: Java JSON Schema validator; based on Jackson

Ok here are some good news for Java developers who use (or might like to use) JSON, but are bothered by lack of data format validation options: Nicolas Vahlas has written the first Java JSON Schema validator, and it is available from Gitorious as project json-schema-validator.

I have not yet have time to dig deep into it, but there all signs for it being so-called Good Stuff. Not just because it is based on Jackson -- although proper reuse of existing solid components is a general good sign -- but because description gives an idea of author being someone actually knows what he is doing.

So please check it out if said functionality seems at all interesting: the best way to ensure it becomes a first-class tool (and maybe even help JSON Schema standard improve along the way) is to use it, give feedback, and get the whole flywheel-of-virtue (aka virtuous cycle) thing going on. That's how things like Jackson and Woodstox became good: feedback is the amplifier of open source productivity.

Ok, enough raving: I'm off to get the sources for bit of closer look. :-)

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