Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No Comments

Ok, another minor but important change that just occured is that at present there is unfortunately no way to comment on my writing style, content, or anything else, on this blog.

Believe it or not this not due my sensitive skin or low self-esteem. It is actually due to surprising sticker shock I got when looking into actual cost of continuing with my formerly-free comment-extension provider. As I mentioned earlier, I am not against paying for things I use; and I can also get over immediate knee-jerk reaction to what may appear as bait-n-switch. So it is not about unwillingness to pay. But I am not willing to pay more for simple comment extension than I pay for hosting the whole thing (including shell access, plenty of storage and transfer space) -- this just does not seem like a reasonable value proposition. As a rough estimate of what I would pay, suitable price should be something similar to lowest fee one has to pay for a custom social network at Ning (20$ / year). That I would be ok with.

So, until I figure out suitable replacement, you will just have to bite your tongue, or send comments directly to me (both of which you are welcome to do! :-) ).

ps. If your comment would be about a free commenting system I could use, please do send it to me -- contact info is available via link next to "About me".

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