Friday, August 01, 2008

StaxMate 1.2 released: support for Sjsxp, Aalto

I released StaxMate 1.2, and as mentioned earlier, it will now fully support Sun's SJSXP Stax parser. As an added bonus, it will also support ultra-fast Aalto parser.

After having made this interim release, I decided to document my ideas for the next release at Codehaus StaxMate Jira. Turns out that many cool ideas do NOT require waiting for the next revision of Stax2 (which comes with Woodstox 4.0). Ideas that seem most useful, based on my recent usage of StaxMate include:

  • Support for JAXB; for reader-side it means traversing super-structure (second-level elements below root etc) using StaxMate, and binding individual sub-trees with JAXB. That seems like a very convenient and efficient way to process data-oriented xml.
  • Making StaxMate input and output factories instantiable, giving underlying stream input/output factory, and allowing construction of both StaxMate cursor/output object and matching stax stream reader/writer, instead of having to do these separately.
  • Typed write methods: there are couple of existing reader-side method, but I have actually needed writer-side methods more often than reader-side ones.
  • Ability to construct cursors from event readers, not just stream readers.

For others it may be that DOM/JDom interoperability might also be quite handy, although I have so far managed to avoid needing these.

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