Sunday, February 22, 2009

Update I on Update of Json-parsing performance

After writing the entry about parsing performance measurements, I got feedback leading to bit more comple test. Specifically, one of packages (json.simple) actually does offer streaming API as well. So I ended up adding one more test case. Turns out that the package in question gets some measurable boost from this (throughput +15-25%), see the full updated results. And here's the "quick pic" as well"

Performance Graph

Also, one thing the original entry did not cover was how to interpret the results. Here's a brief summary:

  • 'results' marked with 'KB' just indicate size of the parsed document (same for all parsers)
  • actual results are in 'tps' (transactions per second), and "bigger is better": transaction here is a single parse through the doc and accumulation of field counts.

(and for more, you may want to check out how Japex works in general).

Hope this helps.

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